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Non-Stick Cast Aluminium

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Ilag Non Stick Cast Aluminium Crepe Pan
Ilag Non Stick Cast Aluminium Fish Pan
Ilag Non Stick Cast Aluminium Frying Pan

Professional Non-Stick Cast Aluminium
Induction non stick titanium - oxide finish

Induction non stick titanium - oxide finish
- with 18/10 stainless steel hollow handle

                                                ILAG NON STICK SWISS TECHNOLOGY      
                                                                       Durit Resist    


Unmatched durability
A high performance three-layer non-stick coating, with a high degree of ceramic reinforcement. Outstanding durability, excellent abrasion resistance and extraordinary corrosion resistance make this system the best choice for high demanding cooks and professional chefs.

  1. High quality top coat for a long lasting, maximum non-stick effect.
  2. Extraordinary strong bonding primer for best bonding of the layers.
  3. Highly ceramic reinforced base coat for an optimum adhesion to the substrate.
  4. Specially prepared substrate for an optimum adhesion of the coating to the cookware.
  5. Extraordinarily high wear resistance and longest durability.
  • Hand cast with pure aluminium ingot, no added impurities
  • Superior professional quality and extremely durable
  • Ultimate heat retention when heated to 260℃
  • Greater efficiency of heat conduction
  • 7mm aluminium base
  • Stainless steel hollow handle
  • Diamond cut non-stick titanium coating
Gas, Electric, Ceramic & Induction Safe - Not Dishwasher Safe