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Chef & Sommelier - Open Up

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Open Up has a revolutionary design, created for young wines, including the new world (Australia, Chile, California, etc.) served by the glass. These glasses are fiendishly effective. Their shape creates an accelerated decanter effect that encourages aromas to develop. A large surface for oxygenation that closed wines require, a lower part where aromas can develop, and an upper part of the glass that then concentrates the aroma, all come together to allow instant enjoyment.

Fine Rim 0.9mm Pleasant on the lips for perfect enjoyment.
Rounded Upper Bowl Helps to concentrate aroma.
Natural Break Each glass has a natural measure provided by the break in the bowl. This allows for meticulous management of your bottles
Seamless From rim to foot, the quality is apparent. Perfectly finished.
Flat Foot Increased stability and reduced water retention after dishwashing.

Open 'Up Arabesque - A gentle intagllo cut flows around the complete glass complementing the bow and bringing interest to the table.

Superior strength
Complete transparency
Perfect acoustics
Long lasting brilliance