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Chef & Sommelier - Oenologue Expert

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Glasses in the Œnologue Expert collection are, down to the smallest detail, designed to facilitate tasting. With an elegant and unique shape, they were designed by Dany Rolland, Bordeaux vineyard owner and reputed oenologist. All the criteria were studied one by one to create the ideal glass: nose, fruit, aromas, mouth feel, feeling in the hand, weight, length of the stem, etc. And so the Œnologue Expert was born, featuring a universal character: each of the wines on your menu will express their full fl avour in this collection. This glass demonstrates remarkable durability and delicacy.

Fine Rim 0.9mm Pleasant on the lips for perfect enjoyment.
Design Designed by Dany Rolland, a Bordeaux vineyard owner and reputed oenologist.
Perfect Stem Seamless, light and perfect to the touch.