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Chafing Fuel

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  • Odourless while it burns
  • No alcohol smell at your buffet 
  • It's safer! Non alcohol based fuel (diethylene glycol) in a sealed container.
  • Adjustable wick, for just the right heat
  • From simmer to sizzle
  • Cans stay cool, even after hours of use
  • Always easy to handle
  • The fuel will not evaporate. No need to fumble with recapping
  • Burns hours longer, reducing the need to change the fuel in the middle of the buffet

Store & re-use
  • To extinguish, blow out flame or use a metal snuffing device
  • Store for later use. The fuel will not evaporate
  • To relight, prime wick with a towel or napkin, then relight. Change the fuel in the middle of the buffet