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Black Iron

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Black Iron
  • UK Manufactured
  • 1.2 - 1.5mm thickness
  • Supplied coated with natural flax oil for protection against oxidation
  • Eco-Bio-Durable & Recyclable 100% natural
  • Riveted traditional iron bar handle
  • Ideal for sealing and browning & grilling
  • Once seasoned, the blacker it gets, the less it sticks
  • Suitable for all heating surfaces
Gas, electric, ceramic & induction safe - Not dishwasher safe

Before the first use:
  1. Add some potato peelings in the frying pan
  2. Add approx. 200ml water
  3. Boil for about 20 mins
  4. Empty the pan and rinse with running warm water
  5. Pour a thin layer of oil into the pan
  6. Heat the oil for a couple of mins and after that wipe the pan clean with a paper towel
Using your black iron pan:

Heat a small amount of fat in the pan and once the pan becomes good and hot, seal the food for about 45 seconds on each side before reducing the heat to complete the cooking.

Cleaning your black iron pan:

Wash with very hot water and sponge and then wipe dry. Purify the pan from time to time by cooking salt on a fast heat for approx. one minute 30 seconds and then wipe clean with a paper towel. The salt will help mask the residues and the odours from previous use. Oil with paper towel and store in a dry place.


Do not leave the pan to soak. If food sticks to the pan, use a green sponge. Never clean in a dishwasher. The pan may rust if these care and use instructions are not followed. If this happens, scrub the pan with a hard brush to remove the rust. The cooking of acidic food such as tomatoes, may produce staining. If this occurs the pan should be re-seasoned.