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DEEP ROAST PAN 16" X 12" X 4" 11.9 LTR
DEEP ROAST PAN 18" X 14" X 4" 15.5 LTR
DEEP ROAST PAN 20" X 16" X 4" 20 LTR
DEEP ROAST PAN 24" X 18" X 4" 24.5 LTR
EXTRA DEEP ROAST PAN 16"X 12" X 6" 17.7L
EXTRA DEEP ROAST PAN 18"X 14" X 6" 23.1
EXTRA DEEP ROAST PAN 20" X 16" X 6" 30.6
EXTRA DEEP ROAST PAN 24" X 18" X 6" 37 L
Samuel Groves 1.6mm Aluminium Bakewell Pan
Samuel Groves 1.6mm Aluminium Baking Pan
Samuel Groves 1.6mm Aluminium Baking Trays
Samuel Groves 1.6mm Aluminium Gastronorm Baking Tray
Samuel Groves 1.6mm Aluminium Pie Dish
Samuel Groves Aluminium Cake Tin - Deep Loose Base
Samuel Groves Aluminium Flan Ring
Samuel Groves Aluminium Plate Cover (Qty=5)
Samuel Groves Aluminium Plate Locking Ring - Narrow
Samuel Groves Aluminium Sandwich Tin - Loose Base
Samuel Groves Bun Sheet - 25 Cups
Samuel Groves Dariol Mould (Pack of 10)
Samuel Groves Flan Tin
Samuel Groves Pudding Sleeve
Samuel Groves Savarin Mould
Samuel Groves Stainless Steel Food Rings
Samuel Groves Steamer Unit
Samuel Groves classic aluminium bakeware is superb quality, heavy gauge extremely durable and the professionals choice.
Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, which means superb heat distribution with no hot spots. Made especially for catering use, each product is available in a wide variety of sizes and comprises a hygienic, seamless design with a satin finish. Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe. Oven safe for use in any commercial ovens.

Aluminium Bakeware & Non Stick Bakeware
Aluminium -Excellent heat conductor
  • Heavy gauge
  • Extremely durable
  • Manufactured for catering use
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Hygienic seamless design
  • Not dishwasher safe - hand wash only
  • Oven safe for use in any commercial ovens
1.6mm Aluminium    BS EN ISO 9002